Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Those Who Smoke Cigarettes the Most are Often Mentally Ill-Summarize and Cooment

This article from the natural news website written on Thursday, June 05, 2008 by: David Gutierrez, staff writerKey concepts: Cigarettes, Smoking and United States ia basically talking about how the oercentage of people who smoke are mental ill. They say that 80% percent of the smokers are the mental ill. They also state that it might be because of their dieases.
I feel that as i read this article that many things they said about smoking and people with mental illness smoking is wrong. This article says that 80% of the people who smoke are mentally ill i feel that if they are mentally ill they wouldn't know what cigarettes really are so why do like 80% percent of them are the smokers. I also feel that they shouldn't sell ciggs to the mentally ill because like i said before they don't really know the good from the bad.
I also not only blame the government but I also blame the parents or the person in charge of them. They should know that ciggs ain't helping them or that ciggs is doing big harm to them. The mental ill usually don't have a good state of mind to know that, that's why the guardian should lead them and tell them. My last concern is who sells these ciggs to the mental ill who in the right state of mind would actually sell it to them knowing that they are not correct in their mind. If you have a heart and have a good soul you should definitely know that is not good.

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