Friday, May 29, 2009

Under Age Smoking!!!-Link And Comment

I feel that is good that the percentages of teens smoking went down. It went from 29% to 15% yeah good but only in the state of Virginia. I think it should keep on going till it reaches more states and more teens get to notice that it isn't good for your physical or mental health and that it causes allot of damage in the long run. I think it is very good because it gives people hope that if teens in smaller and more boring states can do it so can teens in bigger states can.

I think that it is a very good thing that they are enforcing laws against teens buying cigarettes. I think they should pay what ever money necessary to have teens not smoke. If they can pay allot of money for very unnecessary things why not pay it for things that in the long run are going to be good for the people and the earth. What they don't know is that teens can still buy illegally and that they should have more people out there making sure that illegal cigarettes aren't sold to young teens.

Lofton Vs. Secretary of the Dept. of children and family services-Summarize and comment

this case is basically violating the 14th amendment-equal protection clause
This case that im about to talk about is about a guy who wanted to adopt a child but wasnt able to because of his sexuality.
I personally agree with Lofton because to me is unfairthat just because he is gay dont mean he is not human. He still can take care of a child and raise one. I also agree with Lofton because it is basically taking away somebodies right to be a parent ands sometimes being a parent makes some one happy. I also think it is basically goiong against the 14th amendement because it states that everyone is protected aqualy, treated the same but in this case they are not letting him adopt a baby, because of his sexuality. First that wont cause nop harm to the baby or no one and second it is his personal buisness.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Control Of Ciggs Smoking-summarize and comment

Bureaucracy crazy word right as crazy at it sound as crazy as it works. I found out recently that bureaucracy basically work like an assembly line.It goes from people to people to agree or decide on something. Not connected to ciggs you think but, really it is.Some people really want to get rid of the ciggs company and some don't.Thats when bureaucracy comes in as people vote and vote and the canceling of the ciggs company comes closer theres is one group of person who disagrees.Why diagree basically because of the simple fact that the cigg company is one of the richest companies.And then the whole process goes back down and start over.This process basically takes for ever because one person disagrees along the voting process they have to restart everything over again.

My opinon is why do they only think of the money and of the sucess in rich in the country.Yes it is important but if we been through so much already and got better, closing down that company that is killing many"the ciggs companny" must not be that big of a problem.So just for one person or one group of people disagree they have to restart the process.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why Do We Smoke-My Opinion

Why Do We Smoke?!

As it is Shown in many different articles people say the smoke for many different reasons but in reality half of those reasons are just excuses to smoke.Some say that smoking is oral pleasure, others say smoking is a reward while others just find smoking plain old fun. It is so weird because some of these smokers say that they enjoy watching the smoke go into the air but what they dont realize is that setting this smoke into the air is causing damage to them to other and to the world itself.It is also said that smoking calms their nerves, helps them think better and blows their troubles away i feel like these are all ridicilous excuses for smoking, instead of blowing troubles away they are just bringing more into their lives.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Smoke-My opinion

All these different articles have struck me very much and made me a stronger beliver that the cigg company shoud be closed. Why have ciggs as when hey can cause so much damage and basically are like a bug that dont go away. As it is said in “A New Cigarette Hazard: ‘Third-Hand Smoke” by Roni Caryn Rabin people assume that cigg smopke goes away by just opening a window or spraying air freshener or by blowind that toxic out the the window or into the air but no it is proven very wrong in that article. Cigg smoke is every where in your clothing, walls and even items.
People say why close it if it is one of the wealthiest companies out there, i say why not we been through a small recession what makes u think we cant get through a company closing down. Yes many doors will be closed but yet many will be opened. More people will live and last more time in life and the global warming will go way down. I think the fact that they are stopping the shutting down of the cigg bizz is nonsence, yeah yeah what ever but what happens to all those kids that loose their parents because of ciggs what happen to all those kids that loose their lives because of ciggs. Yeah their are commercial but no one i mean no one is taking this important matter into their hands and trying to make a stop to this poison. Poison i call it as it is said in this article Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy By Karin A ciggs cause harm to many things including your baby and your body it basically talks about different things that can happen to a pregnant mother and her unborn child.
i really really dont get why people want such a harmfull company to stay opne and be open for such a long time please people raise your voice think about what your doing to the world with these so called cancer sticks.