Friday, March 27, 2009

Third hand Smoking-Summarize and Comment

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In this article “A New Cigarette Hazard: ‘Third-Hand Smoke” by Roni Caryn Rabin, explains how people think that by opening a window or turning on the fan will not cause no harm to their kids but that’s not the case what they don’t know is that it really does. In the article it talks about how ciggs don’t always go away if you open a window or a fan or even air freshener. It says how gigs stay in people’s carpets and in peoples clothing and even in the walls. Kids always seem to touch things and run around and put their hands in their mouths and all the germs that the ciggs left behind automatically go in their mouths.

I personally think that people didn’t think that something like that can happen, but as you can see it really can. People don’t know that by doing things like that is still putting their child in danger and that the air or fan or anything can take this poison away. I really think that smokers don’t think about consequences that ciggs do to the kids. Now with this blog I think it is opening peoples eyes little by little what ciggs can do and what they do to people.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ciggs against the World

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Did you ever think that one of the most money making companies are the one that most people die off. I am writing this blog to let people know that the company of tobacco is one of the worst companies that can exist out there not only for the environment for also for our personal health. People really need to be aware that ciggs don’t calm your nerves or definitely don’t relax you, people need to know that cigarettes also kill you, they give you lung cancer throat cancer and even heart problems. I will also be talking about what the government has to do with the company of cigarettes and why it still hasn’t been shut down or closed. I will also be researching how the cigg bizz helps our economy or doesn’t.
I feel very strong about this issue because I feel like the government doesn’t realize that ciggs are causing a big harm and big effect on the world. I feel so strong about this topic because many of my friends and family members smoke and I want to address not only them but the world about what cigarettes do to the human body and the world. I will show you some statistics from,, and many other websites.