Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quit Smoking-2 Links And comment

Quiting Ciggs!!!

Do you really think quitting smoking is that hard. Quititng smoking is like quiting anything else u must want it more than anything as you quit smoking you will see that evcrything will change for you the way your clothing smells, the way u tastes food and just your health.In order for you to quit smoking you must want it more than anything else.

Cigg Smoker...

The percentage of the poeple who smoke may shock many but not might be that surprising for other, American Indians and Alaska natives have the biggest perent of smoker with a 36.4% of smokers, Whites follow with 21.4% shoking but true. The hispanics and asians have the lest percentage.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Baby Killer!!!-Summarize and Comment


In this article Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy By Karin A. Bilich explains the different dangers that mothers can cause to their babies while smoking during the pregnancy months.Ciggs have many different chemicals that may cause diseases such as,lung cancer,heart problems,asthma,liver problems,and different affects in the whole body.Even do ciggs cause all these problems 13 percent of pregnant women in the U.s smoke during pregnancy. Cigarette smoke contains more than 2,500 chemicals, with nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide thought to be the most dangerous to the fetus.All those chemical can cause many different disorders and diseases to the fetus so the sooner the mother quits smoking the better for her and the baby it is.Mothers who smoke ciggs during those 9 months of being pregnant have a 70% chance that her baby comes out with low birth weight.Smoking during pregnancy can cause something called etopic pregnancy an is when the baby doesnt get to the place where it needs to go to grow it stays stuck in the tubes and grows there in which it may cause death to you and the baby itself .With the rarest of exceptions, these pregnancies do not result in the birth of a baby, and must be removed surgically or with drug treatment to protect a woman's life.Smoking during pregnancy can also lead to still births.Miscariages and several vaginal bleeding.Mothers whos smoke while being pregnant have a high risk that their child would die of sids(sudden infant death syndrome).
This article shocks me very much and hopefully it helps people undersatnd the deevilish deeds that the ciggs do not only to you but to your baby.Ciggs even cause damage before and after birth