Friday, May 29, 2009

Lofton Vs. Secretary of the Dept. of children and family services-Summarize and comment

this case is basically violating the 14th amendment-equal protection clause
This case that im about to talk about is about a guy who wanted to adopt a child but wasnt able to because of his sexuality.
I personally agree with Lofton because to me is unfairthat just because he is gay dont mean he is not human. He still can take care of a child and raise one. I also agree with Lofton because it is basically taking away somebodies right to be a parent ands sometimes being a parent makes some one happy. I also think it is basically goiong against the 14th amendement because it states that everyone is protected aqualy, treated the same but in this case they are not letting him adopt a baby, because of his sexuality. First that wont cause nop harm to the baby or no one and second it is his personal buisness.

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  1. I agree with what your saying. When it comes to a gay couple adopting a child people look at how the child will be raised based on the environment. But the 14th amendment is definetly being treated unfair in this case because the state is violating mans personal life not giving him the fair right he has stated in the 14th.