Monday, June 1, 2009

Opinion On the Smoking habbit- My Opinion

As i said before women who are pregnant should never ever smoke. Some of the things i read and found out in many different articles prove that ciggs is a harming toxic. it had chemical that cause disorders and bad effects to the unborn baby. not only to the baby but also to the mother. Smoking had many different toxic that cause harm to the air and to the world. People say lets help the world lets stop global warming but they don't stop to realize that the ciggs are helping global warming. It pollutes the air in many different ways. people need to have the courage to stand up and stop this very rich but also very harmful company.
I personally don't know why would the government legalize such a lethal thing, They say they don't want to legalize drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin when ciggs are as harmful as those drugs. I think the government and country is scared to shut down the ciggs company because they fear that the economy will go down since the cigg company is such a rich company, it is know to be a multi million empire that helps our economy. It is very dumb that they fear that because if we got out of many recessions through out history we can definitely prevail if we shut this company down.

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